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stress, meet your match

Meet your ultimate toolkit to help tackle the stresses of modern life.

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choosing the right CBD booster

Choice is good, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you like the sound of our CBD Boosters but aren't sure where to begin, we have created a guide below based on common skin concerns.

your active ingredient cheat sheet

From fine lines to dullness, blemishes to blocked pores and uneven skin tone, there’s a booster to suit your needs. Each booster includes high levels of active ingredients that work in tandem with the CBD to balance and amplify their usual effects.

A day in the life of Dr Anna Persaud

Our new Stress Check™ range is the result of our very personal experience of 2020 and the challenges it threw our way – I now can’t imagine a day without it.

stress, meet your match

Meet your ultimate toolkit to help tackle the stresses of modern life.

introducing our new CBD boosters

Meet our new CBD boosters: five targeted formulas that are packed full of actives and up to 305mg (or 1%) of CBD to customise, balance and defend, naturally.

the ABCs of CBD

If you find yourself unable to read between the lines of various Cannabis-related jargon, Marijuana puns and mixed messages when it comes to figuring out CBD, then consider this your cheat sheet.

customise your CBD skincare routine

Our CBD boosters are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing routine and power-up the skincare you already use (with even more added benefits). There are numerous ways to make them work for you. Here, we explain them all…

your endocannabinoid system explained

For thousands of years (5,000 to be precise), Hemp has been cultivated and used in varying forms to treat a whole range of ailments, health and beauty concerns - its potential medical uses were even described in Merck’s Manual as early as 1899.

proven to work

It's not just our sleep ranges that are proven to work. All our products are put through rigorous user panels and often clinical testing so we can be confident 'This Works'. Here's just a few of our results...