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Our Privacy Policy explains in detail the types of personal data we collect about you when you interact with us, and how and why we then use that data. Fundamentally it all comes down to maximising your experience as a visitor to our site, or as a customer of ours, and to allow the smooth running of our own business processes. We’ll attempt to explain this in the most accessible way we can here, but if you have any questions at all you’re welcome to contact us at or phone 0208 543 3544.

Legal Bases
The legal bases we rely on include consent (for example, the consent you give to wishing to receive our marketing news and offers), our contractual obligations (for example the delivery details we pass to our couriers to ensure your parcels get to their destination), and legitimate interest (that data that allows us to operate our business effectively and which does not materially impact your rights, freedom or interests).

When do we collect your personal data?
As laid out in the legal bases above, we only collect your personal data either to improve your experience as a customer of ours, if you’ve given us consent to contact you with details of latest offers and exclusives, or to allow the smooth running of our business operation (our legitimate interest). The data we store therefore is transactional in nature: the items you have bought, the dates of your orders, and billing and delivery details. It is important to note we do not store any payment details. In order to allow us to do these things we will collect data on you in the following instances:

- When you visit our website
- When you sign in to your Account on our website
- When you make a purchase from us, either on the website or via telephone
- When you engage with us on our social media accounts
- When you contact our customer service team
- When you enter one of our competitions
- When you review one of our products or your recent orders

We retain customer data for the duration of the customer lifetime, so we are able to remain in contact with you, and to understand your buying behaviour to ensure our communications are as relevant as possible. We also give you news on new product releases, offers, and service messages, in line with your marketing preferences. If you request that we remove all data we hold on you, our customer service team will help with doing that as quickly and fully as practicably possible, and within one month.

How and why do we use it?
- To allow us to process and fulfil your orders
- To process payments
- To respond to your queries, refund requests and any complaints
- With your consent we’ll use your data to keep you informed of our latest news and products by email, text, mail and telephone. You can opt out from any of these communications at any time
- We’ll use customer data to build a picture of who you are and what you like, to inform our business decisions and make your customer experience as relevant to you as we can. For example, emailing you with products we think you’ll like based on purchasing or browsing history
- If you have visited our website and viewed particular products or pages, we might target you with relevant products or advertising after you’ve left the site either on Facebook, Instagram or Google for example. When visiting our website, a cookie or cookies will be attached to your web browser that facilitates this tracking. If you do not want to be targeted in this way, by either us or any other advertisers for that matter, this is something you’re able to do yourself within your web browser settings. In Google Chrome, for example, you go to ‘Settings’ in the top right of your browser window, then ‘More Settings’ and then click ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Privacy and Security’, click ‘Content Settings’, click ‘Cookies’ and then switch ‘on’ or ‘off’ accordingly. In Safari, you need to select ‘Preferences’ and then click ‘Privacy’, where you can make your selections
- Data pooling with Experian and Epsilon Abacus. Data pools are groups of retailers who share information on what their customers buy. This pooled information is analysed to understand consumer’s wider buying patterns. From this information customers are then sent offers that are deemed to be relevant based on their purchase history
- We work with Epsilon Abacus (registered as Epsilon International UK Ltd), a company that manages the Abacus Alliance on behalf of UK retailers. The participating retailers are active in the clothing, collectables, food & wine, gardening, gadgets & entertainment, health & beauty, household goods, and home interiors categories. They share information on what their customers buy. Epsilon Abacus analyses this pooled information to help the retailers understand consumers’ wider buying patterns. From this information, retailers can tailor their communications, sending people suitable offers that should be of interest to them, based on what they like to buy.
- To send you communications required by law or necessary to inform you about changes to the services we provide. This would include legally required information related to your orders. Service messages won’t contain promotional content and therefore would not require prior consent, unlike the marketing emails. Using data for these purposes ensures we comply with our legal obligations to you.

How do we share your personal data?
We will sometimes share personal data with trusted third parties for the purposes of performing their specific services, as outlined in our contracts with them. These parties (data processors) have obligations to you to ensure your data is respected and only used for the purposes they’ve been contracted to use it.

Examples of these companies would include IT companies that support our website and other business systems, delivery couriers, direct marketing companies, and advertisers like Google or Facebook.

What are your rights?
You have the right to request:

- Access to the personal data we hold about you
- The correction of your personal data when incorrect, out of date or incomplete.
- That we stop using your personal data for direct marketing (either through specific channels, or all channels).
- That we stop any consent-based processing of your personal data after you withdraw that consent
- Request a copy of any information about you that the This Works holds on you: contact or phone us on 0208 543 3544. To ask for your information to be amended, please update your online account if you have one, or contact our Customer Services team who will be able to do so for you.

Your right to withdraw consent:

Whenever you have given us your consent to use your personal data, you have the right to change your mind at any time and withdraw that consent.

Where we rely on our legitimate interest

In cases where we are processing your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest, you can ask us to stop for reasons connected to your individual situation. We must then do so unless we believe we have a legitimate overriding reason to continue processing your personal data.

Direct marketing:

You have the right to stop the use of your personal data for direct marketing activity through all channels, or selected channels. We must always comply with your request.
To protect the confidentiality of your information, we will ask you to verify your identity before proceeding with any request you make under this Privacy Notice. If you have authorised a third party to submit a request on your behalf, we will ask them to prove they have your permission to act.

If you need further clarity on any of these points, please contact us by emailing or calling 0208 543 3544 and we’ll be happy to assist you.