If you find yourself unable to read between the lines of various Cannabis-related jargon, Marijuana puns and mixed messages when it comes to figuring out CBD, then consider this your cheat sheet.

As part of Canopy Growth Corporation (the largest Cannabis company of its kind, based in Canada), working with CBD was a natural step for us to take. Enabling us to combine the expertise of Canopy Growth with our knowledge of natural skincare and wellness to create a new range of 98% natural, targeted, solution-based CBD boosters.

Here, we debunk the CBD myths and deliver the facts about this exciting new natural active.

Myth: Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp are all the same

Truth: Let’s talk about plants, Marijuana and Hemp are the two best-known varieties of the Cannabis family; however, they are very different plants, with each having a different chemical makeup. In much the same way, there are over 45 different species of Lavender that offer different benefits. For example, True Lavender is known to help sleep, whereas Lavandin is a stimulant.

Myth: There is only one type of CBD extract

Truth: CBD extracts can come in three different types: isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum.
Our CBD boosters use 100% pure CBD isolate, which is Hemp-derived and contains only traces of other cannabinoids delivering consistent concentrations of CBD.
Broad spectrum contains Hemp-derived CBD plus small amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Although it is suitable for use in skincare, it is harder to achieve consistency between batches or harvests when working with broad spectrum.
Finally, full spectrum (which at This Works we will not use) has had no cannabinoids removed, including the psychoactive compounds. Always be sure to thoroughly investigate if you see the full spectrum label, as this means it can sometimes include THC, which boosts the rest of the formula, but will have psychoactive effects.

Myth: CBD is unsafe

Truth: Every batch of CBD isolate we receive is independently tested by ISO17025 accredited labs who specialise in chemical and product testing, and the levels of the cannabinoids (including THC) are also tested. We do this by using a technology that separates out all potential components of the isolate, allowing us to screen and detect individual cannabinoids down to parts per million.
We do this to make absolutely certain that it contains undetectable levels (0.0%) of THC (that’s the intoxicating ingredient). We test this in 3 stages throughout the development process. The goal? CBD that’s pure, safe and highly effective for your skin.