If you’re new to CBD, overwhelmed or feel like you couldn’t possibly include an extra step into your skincare routine, then listen up.

Our CBD boosters are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing routine and power-up the skincare you already use (with even more added benefits). There are numerous ways to make them work for you. Here, we explain them all…


If you’re going through a tricky skin period, each booster can be used alone on cleansed skin as a targeted and effective treatment. These are powerful products - and this is when they are most potent - so only use this method one or two times a day. If you have sensitive skin or aren’t used to using actives, we recommend using them less often (or in one of the ways below) and working up to an everyday treatment usage. Say hello to more balanced skin.


For a lighter, gentler application, our CBD boosters are specifically designed to boost the results of your favourite face and body skincare. Need some inspiration?
Experiment by adding a few drops of one of our morning expert CBD boosters to our in transit camera close-up for a brighter, more flawless base.
Alternatively, our evening detox CBD booster + AHA complex is perfect for twinning with our deep sleep body cocoon. The former will gently exfoliate and calm skin, while the latter is nourishing and hydrating, resulting in spring-ready legs that are silky smooth.
Lastly, if your hands could use some TLC (whose couldn’t right now?), our perfect hands intense moisture works wonderfully with the my wrinkles CBD booster + Bakuchiol. Hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so keeping them hydrated is crucial. This combination will richly moisturise and plump the skin (helping to reduce fine lines). The pairings are endless…


Power-up your face mask by adding a few drops of your chosen CBD booster into the mix. Our mask of choice? Stress check face mask - as it creates a calming base and allows the natural actives and CBD to really get to work. A calming skincare ritual with seriously enviable results...
Our non-CBD products are all available on our main website: thisworks.com