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We develop clean, targeted skincare and wellness solutions that work in harmony with your natural body clock and have been investing in the science of sleep since 2011.

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understanding the body clock

Modern life can take its toll on our skin, exposing it to external aggressors such as stress, pollution, UV, blue light, toxin build-up, diet and lack of sleep. Your in-built internal body clock, better known as your circadian rhythm, works tirelessly to cope with all of these. Self-sufficient, it is designed to repair and protect itself.

proven to work

Since 2011, it's been our ambition to understand the science of sleep. Our award-winning, natural sleep solutions have been put through their paces during six independent user trials with over 900 participants, as well as clinical and fMRI brain imaging studies. That's how you can be absolutely sure that we live up to our name - This Works.

our Superblends

Each of our products contains a Superblend; a three-element ingredient system comprised of natural actives, botanical oils and 100% natural therapeutic fragrances. Each Superblend is blended to perfection and unique to each of our ranges. We aim for all our products to be 98% natural, because we believe in clean skincare with integrity at its core – with no compromise on efficacy.

our promise

Not only are our formulas clean, our conscience is too. Our products contain only 100% natural fragrances, 100% pure essential oils and no phthalates, sulphates, GMOs, petrolatum or synthetic colours. They are also cruelty free: we have 100% PETA accreditation. Plus, 83% (and counting) of our products are vegan. Our boxes are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.





tested by you

Ultimately, no opinion is more important to us than that of our customers, so we make sure to involve them when deciding whether a product is good enough to launch. Our This Works Panel was founded the same year as our business, and is a dedicated testing system of over 750 women. At least 70% of our chosen panellists must agree 'This Works' before it hits the shelves.

our founder and experts

Dr Anna Persaud

This Works, CEO

With a PHD in Biochemistry, Anna brings unique insight into product development and testing, ensuring the brand can say in all certainty ‘This Works’.

Gaby Badre

Gaby Badre

MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Neuroscientist & Medical Doctor

This Works’ expert scientific advisor, Professor Gaby Badre, is a Swedish expert in sleep medicine and a clinical neurophysiology specialist in chronobiological disorders.

Kathy Phillips


This Works founder Kathy Phillips is an award-winning international journalist and beauty expert.  A former Beauty Director of Vogue UK, Kathy is also a qualified yoga teacher, having practiced and studied the subject for over 30 years.

Industry recognised

award-winning formulations loved by beauty insiders

why are your CBD products on a different website?

To help manage the restrictions around the sale of CBD online, we have created a bespoke CBD shopping experience to sit alongside our main brand web store - offering you the same, seamless shopping experience, simple check out and fast delivery. Our friendly customer service team remain on hand to personally answer any and all of your customer queries.