Stress management has always been part of the beauty conversation but in the sense of encouraging relaxation through taking baths, lighting candles etc…

There will always be a role for relaxation in maintaining our stress levels but if 2020 taught us anything I think it is that to move forward we need to empower ourselves by making informed decisions about ways to calm, comfort and protect us against the new everyday stresses we face

For example, at the beginning of this year I could have never foreseen that a hand sanitiser would be so important helping me manage my stress levels, or that I’d need skincare to help calm and soothe the irritation and breakouts caused by wearing a face covering.

Our new Stress Check™ range is the result of our very personal experience of 2020 and the challenges it threw our way – I now can’t imagine a day without it.


Skin is at its most dehydrated when we wake due to overnight Transepidermal Water Loss – we experience this as our skin feeling tight or irritated and looking dull and like most people I have experienced heightened irritation and breakouts related to wearing face coverings and so have been prioritising hydrating and nourishing ingredients in the morning.
A new morning skincare staple therefore is our stress check CBD skin booster + Cica Extract, it’s a soothing daytime serum with antioxidant-rich Cica Extract to help maintain skin’s moisture barrier, Hyaluronic Acid and 1% pure Hemp-derived CBD isolate to soothe and help maintain my skin’s balance.


Lunch tends to be a soup or sushi eaten at my desk but I do try to get out for at least a 10 minute walk around the block to clear my head, get some sun on my face and breathe in some fresh air.
Before heading out and putting on my face mask I’ll mist my face with stress check CBD face shield. It’s formulated with Agastache Mexicana Flower, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and 99% pure CBD isolate to help soothe, nourish and hydrate skin. Its formulation also includes the soothing Stress Check fragrance of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Neroli essential oil fragrance.


We have a natural energy dip mid-afternoon and I find this can be a time when I really feel my stress levels rising; the day may be running away with itself and it can be hard to focus with all the noise.
I’ve learnt to take a moment to breathe and have started to incorporate stress check CBD lip mask into this routine – our new 100% natural lip comforter. Encapsulated Menthol from Peppermint oil is released as lips are pressed together – while the natural flavour Cardamom and Chocolate evokes feelings of pleasure and relaxation.


I have always been a believer in exercise as a great stress outlet and at least four times a week I get to a yoga class in the evening  - by the time it’s over I’ve battled the day out on the matt and pushed myself physically.
I’ll then end my day with a shower using stress check CBD skin polish to buff away the day’s build-up of dirt and pollution, followed by stress check CBD body cocoon to help nourish my skin. Both are blended with the Stress Check fragrance of Neroli, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender and it’s an opportunity to breathe and process the day.