At the heart of each product is a Superblend; a three-element ingredient system made up of naturally-derived and scientifically-proven ingredients at therapeutic levels. These ingredients are expertly blended to create clean, targeted skincare with integrity that delivers. We put in what we need and leave out what we don’t. We strive for all of our products to be at least 98% natural.

natural actives

Our Superblend actives are derived from nature and are used because they are proven to work, are backed by science and their benefits are widely known.
Granactive Retinoid and Bakuchiol: Our My Wrinkles range contains both of these high-performing active ingredients, as they are two of the most trusted actives, proven to support the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles (the most visible signs of ageing).
Vitamin C: Used in our Morning Expert range, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts brightness and elasticity and reduces the appearance of pigmentation, leaving behind a    serious glow.
The levels at which we include the active ingredients within our products are optimised to deliver the best possible results.
Our non-CBD products are all available on our main website here

therapeutic fragrance

Fragrance is the second part of the This Works Superblend – it’s vital that our products perform of course, but they must also be sensual and a pleasure to use. All This Works’ fragrances are of the highest quality, from 100% natural ingredients that are sourced responsibly from around the world. If you compromise or economise on scent by adding synthetic fragrances, you not only sacrifice the intensity of the smell but you also risk diminishing the product’s effectiveness.
For use throughout the day, our Stress Check blend boasts Eucalyptus to help refresh, invigorate and counter physical and mental fatigue, Frankincense to help aid relaxation and Lavender Oil to help soothe nervous tension - blended to help clear the mind and reduce anxiety.
For the night phase, our award-winning Deep Sleep fragrance blend includes Lavender to help relieve tension and aid deep relaxation, Camomile for helping stress relief and Vetivert to settle nerves and help with exhaustion. These three work together to create a calming environment for sleep.
For the wake-up phase, add our Morning Expert collection to your daily routine. The functional fragrance is designed to help you wake up well with Lavandin, Peppermint and Rosemary to help boost morning motivation.

botanical oils

The therapeutic effects of natural, botanical oils are known and loved by many. Each has its own mood-boosting benefit and, when tailored to the right time of day, in the right product, they can become a life tool to give strength and support whether we need to zone out or spark with energy. Our botanical oil blends are made by our expert blenders, using 100% pure and natural botanical oils.
Found in our stress check face oil is Mongongo Oil. Rich in Eleostearic acid (which reacts rapidly with UV light to polymerize into a protective layer for the skin), it has been used for thousands of years by the Bushmen of the Kalahari as a sun damage protectant. The oil is is also high in Vitamin E providing excellent antioxidant properties.
Also found in stress check face oil is Turmeric Oil. Made from distilled oil extracted from the roots of Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), it is ideal for skin radiance and evening-out of skin tone.
Crambe Oil, found in some of our My Wrinkles and Stress Check products, is an excellent natural lubricant and emollient. Its light texture is enriching but not greasy and is a useful, natural alternative to silicones.