How many boosters are in the range?
The range contains five CBD boosters, which have been formulated to work in sync with your circadian rhythm and your personal skincare concerns, allowing you to customise your skincare routine. 

Can I use more than one booster at a time?
We don’t recommend using more than one booster in the same routine - e.g. do not use two morning boosters in the same morning routine. However, using one booster as part of your wake-up skincare routine and one booster as part of your night-time/evening routine is advised if you are looking to tackle more than one skincare concern.

Can I mix my CBD booster with my normal moisturiser?
Yes, you can mix any of our CBD Boosters with your everyday moisturiser for added skincare benefits. However, if you are using a moisturiser with high levels of active ingredients, we would recommend using it alone or as you would a serum.  

Should I also use a moisturiser after the CBD Booster?
This is dependent on your skin type: if you have skin that is combination or dry then we recommend also using a moisturiser after use. 

Should I wear an SPF when using the Boosters?
We always recommend that you wear an SPF during the day. 

Are your CBD Boosters suitable for sensitive skin?
CBD is thought to be safe for sensitive skin; however, we always recommend checking the ingredients list for any known incompatibilities with your skin. We also recommend a patch test before use.

Are your CBD Boosters recyclable?
The bottle, the pipette and the wiper (the transparent, plastic ring in the neck of the bottle) are all recyclable. The silicon pipette handle is not widely recyclable.

As always, please take apart all components and wash out before placing in recycling - and please check with your local household waste recycling centre to see if the materials are recycled in your area.

Are the This Works CBD Boosters vegan and cruelty free?
Our CBD Boosters are all vegan and the entire This Works product range is cruelty free and accredited by PETA Beauty Without Bunnies. 

What does bi-phase mean?
Bi-phase technology is when the formulation is contained within separate water and oil phases that repel on a molecular level, which helps maintain the stability of the actives. In this formulation, the active ingredients are (in the main) held within the water phase and the CBD is held in the oil – when you look at the formulation, the oil sits on top of the water. Remember to shake the bottle to combine the phases before you apply the product.

Can I take the CBD boosters orally?
No, our CBD Boosters have been formulated for topical use only. 

How does the CBD in the boosters benefit the skin?
Using CBD in our products allows us to use high levels of active ingredients, as CBD has balancing properties that help maintain the skin’s barrier.

Can I use your CBD products while pregnant/breastfeeding?
No, we do not advise that you use our CBD boosters while pregnant or breastfeeding.



What is CBD and what type of CBD do This Works use in their products?
CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of many oils extracted from Hemp, a strain of the Cannabis plant that has very low levels of THC (the intoxicating ingredient). We use extract the CBD from the stems and leaves of the hemp plant, resulting in an extract (or end product) with undetectable levels of THC. The CBD we use in our end product is 100% pure CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD extract, which is safe and really works.

How does CBD work?
CBD works by interacting with our body's naturally-occurring endocannabinoid system, a vast system of receptors and enzymes that work to maintain balance in both our bodies and minds. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system;  while CBD’s exact interaction with this system is currently still being explored, research suggests that CBD prevents the endocannabinoid enzymes from breaking down, supporting its natural functions and the body’s circadian rhythm.

Is CBD intoxicating?
No, CBD is non-intoxicating. 

Is CBD legal in the UK?
Yes, CBD is currently legal in the UK. 

Is CBD suitable for all ages?
Our CBD boosters are for adult use only as per the cautions on our packaging. We define an adult as someone that is over 18 years of age.

Can I use CBD while on prescription medication?
If you are concerned about product interaction with medication, we always advise that you seek advice from a medical professional.

Can I take CBD skincare abroad?
Although CBD is legal in the UK, the rules and regulations around CBD can change from country to country. We advise that you check with local authorities at your final destination to avoid any unwanted problems or issues - or alternatively visit: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

What countries will you ship CBD to?
Delivery is only permitted to our customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and certain States in the US.